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Chinese Tea

I went to China last year with a few friends, and I recently remembered I bought some tea and a fun tea glass.  I broke out the tea (it was vacuum-sealed, so still fresh!) and the glass, and the tea tasted better than I remembered!  I bought some ginseng oolong tea- 人蔘烏龍.  It’s a little bitter at first, but then there’s this aftertaste that I can’t really describe in English; in Chinese it’s translated as  “golden.”  I really love this tea!

The tea glass I have is actually 2 glasses in ones; the inside glass is suspended between the outside glass, and it’s a vacuum seal.  This keeps the tea warm without you scorching yourself when you pick up the glass.  Also, there’s a little metal filter that sits in the glass so you don’t end up swallowing the tea leaves.  Quite useful.