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Breakfast at Auntie Jane’s

Auntie Jane is such a wonderful person.  She’s Gretchen’s aunt, and she is great fun to be around.  I first started hanging out with her in the summer, and last week she invited Gretchen, Jan, and me over for breakfast!  I was so excited!  It’s always a blast when we get together because we’re a bunch of foodies and get excited over things like cookware (I just bought a set of Paderno pots and pans.)

Auntie Jane made crepes and a mushroom, onion, and spinach puff pastry tart.  Her secret to crepes is using half and half cream (I’ll have to ask her for her recipe next time.)  She stuffed the crepes with a filling that was made with peach jam, vanilla yogurt, whipping cream, and cream cheese.

Thanks, Auntie Jane!