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Pho Party

This pho party has been a couple of months in the making.  It started on Facebook when I mentioned I wanted to make pho and needed a good recipe.  Thanh gave me his, and after some discussion about pho on his wall, party planning started.  I *think* it was Jodie who suggested that he cook for us, and the plans sprung into being.

Jodie and I arrived at Thanh’s at the same time last night, and we were both really excited to eat.  The pho was amazing-I really need to keep practicing to improve mine!  After two bowls of pho, we had creme caramel for dessert!


Garnishes: Thai basil, lime, chili peppers, hot sauce, and hoisin sauce.

Creme caramel for dessert!

Thanh’s recipe for pho can be found here.  He used this recipe for the creme caramel.

Thanks for a great dinner, Thanh!  It was a lot of fun!



Asian comfort food and a student’s way of survival

Time to blog about something I love to eat-instant noodles.  I know it’s not healthy and that it’s junk food, but I can’t help it.  It’s comfort food to me, not to mention a quick and easy meal when I don’t have time to cook.  I’m a student, cut me some slack.

The thing I love about instant noodles is the sheer variety that’s available.  Japanese, Chinese, Korean noodles; spicy, not spicy; beef, shrimp, chicken.  It’s all very yummy.  Just don’t look at the nutritional content.

When I make instant noodles, I try to make it a better meal by adding extras to it.  Generally, I’ll throw in some veggies and an egg.  Sometimes, I’ll throw in a hot dog if I have it on hand (this is a very Hong Kong cafe-style way of eating instant noodles.)  Of course, you can add in whatever you like, but I favour lots of veggies and an egg.  But you have to be careful if you’re going to use an egg-it can end up breaking in the pot and then you just have egg pieces floating around, and that is not as tasty.  I’m telling you, cooking instant noodles is an art form.

I start by putting the flavour and oil packets in the water.  Bring the water to a boil.  Toss the noodles in.  Let the noodles soften for a bit, but don’t pull them apart.  Let it stay in a square form.  Carefully crack an egg on top of the noodles.  This way the egg will cook on top of the noodles.  Sometimes it’ll slip off the noodles, but if you haven’t broken the yolk, the egg should cook properly in one piece (which is what I aim for.)  I let the egg cook for a few minutes and then toss in my veggies.  You can cook the noodles as long as you like; this just depends on how soft you like them.  Also think about how well done you like the egg.  I always add a bit of hot sauce to my noodles too!

One of my favourite brands and flavour of instant noodles: beef!

Cooking away.

My meal.



Ramen Lunch

I had lunch with my friend Jen the other day.  She took me to a place called Kenzo Ramen.  Ramen is a noodle dish that is served in a broth and can be topped with various things, such as seaweed, pork or beef, and eggs.  Kenzo Ramen makes their own noodles, and it was quite tasty!  I had a bowl of ramen with pork and Jen got yakisoba, stir-fried noodles, which was served on a hot iron plate.  I enjoyed the ramen, but the best ramen I’ve had comes from a little restaurant in Vancouver off Robson Street.  Kenzo was still pretty good though, and wasn’t too expensive, so it made for a great lunch.

Pork ramen.




Vietnamese Lunch

Every time I visit my sister M, we have to go for Vietnamese food in Chinatown.  We are in love with the restaurant Anh Dao.  They have THE best pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup noodle dish served with beef.  We ordered a bowl of pho and also this AMAZING rice wrapper dish.  You make your own wraps with noodles, veggies, and grilled beef-covered shrimp.  It comes with a sweet peanut dipping sauce.


Platter of noodles, veggies and beef-wrapped shrimp to make rice wraps.

Assembling the rice wrap.

Dipping sauce.

It was delicious and a lot of fun!