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Byward Market

I love going for walks.  It’s my way of pretending I do SOME exercise during the school year (and a way for me to avoid writing memos and papers.)  I highly enjoy browsing food markets and the local farmer’s market.  Lately I’ve been walking to Byward Market.  I figure I better enjoy the last few weeks of local fresh produce before the long, cold, barren winter sets in.  The only thing is, every time I go, I want to buy everything I see.  There are so many good deals at the market, I have to exercise a lot of self-control in order not to overspend.  After all, the produce will go bad if I don’t use it up in time.  I did snag some good deals on carrots, spinach, and a GIANT zucchini (which will be featured in a future post.)  Yummy!



I love the vibrant colours of fresh produce!



A Walk at the St. Norbert Farmer’s Market

Summer means that the markets are opening around here.  So Debbe and I decided to hit up the biggest one (unfortunately, it’s also the furthest one from us) last Saturday, on its opening day.  The weather was perfect for a morning walk around the market.  Various vendors were selling fresh produce, flowers, honey, baked goods, fresh food such as burgers and coffee, and also various crafts/jewelery.  We wandered around for a little over an hour, looking at the various stalls and the goodies available, snapped some photos, and, of course, sampled the food available (guess who sniffed out where all the free food was?)

I ended up purchasing a cute necklace and beeswax candle; Debbe bought a couple necklace pendants and some cookies and onions.  Why didn’t I purchase food you ask?  Well, I’m going to wait until more vendors set up at the market and go back and do some more shopping.  I’m thinking I’ll have to grab some bison sausages, they were really tasty (food sampling rocks).

Here are some pics that I took from the market:

I particularly like the pic of the radishes; this vendor had a HUGE tower of them and it looked super cool.

The sugar cookies were made by Kristina Currie ( were really cute and really yummy.

I hope that everyone has a chance to walk around a local farmer’s market, it’s a great way to support the local economy and get fresh foods-plus, it’s a lot of fun!


Walking the Market

I was asked by my friend to look for some Madagascar Vanilla Beans while at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, but that was a complete fail.  I did however, get to wander and take in all the food stalls and shops that sold some very tasty looking food and fresh ingredients.  Here are some pics from my walk around the market.

Hope you like them!