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Breakfast at Auntie Jane’s

Auntie Jane is such a wonderful person.  She’s Gretchen’s aunt, and she is great fun to be around.  I first started hanging out with her in the summer, and last week she invited Gretchen, Jan, and me over for breakfast!  I was so excited!  It’s always a blast when we get together because we’re a bunch of foodies and get excited over things like cookware (I just bought a set of Paderno pots and pans.)

Auntie Jane made crepes and a mushroom, onion, and spinach puff pastry tart.  Her secret to crepes is using half and half cream (I’ll have to ask her for her recipe next time.)  She stuffed the crepes with a filling that was made with peach jam, vanilla yogurt, whipping cream, and cream cheese.

Thanks, Auntie Jane!



Breakfast with Jan #1

Being back home is great.  In between all the mad writing, I’ve been eating.  My mom made TONS of food (she’s cooking as I write this) and I managed to snap some pics of her food.  Unfortunately, I never did get to the chestnut cake before my sister dug into it, so I’ll have to get a pic of that next time she makes it.

This morning I went to Jan’s house for breakfast.  I missed our breakfast dates so much!  Today’s menu included scones with whipped cream and jam, baked apple oatmeal, and cafe au lait.  We had a good time catching up, and planning our next breakfast date.

Cafe au lait.

Baked apple oatmeal.

Scones, all ready to be put in the oven.

Light, crisp scones!

Thanks for the wonderful breakfast, Jan!  You never fail to impress me!