Lunch at Le Cordon Bleu Bistro at Signatures

I had a fabulous lunch date with my friend Sylvia today.  I really needed a break from all the school madness, so I was looking forward to lunch.  We went to the Cordon Bleu Bistro and I was not disappointed.  I had a good time catching up with Sylvia over good food.

We both started with a salad: duck and green pepper rillette, frisee salad.

I had a French veal ragout with pearl onions, mushrooms, and rice pilaf as my main course.

Sylvia had a red snapper filet with a basil vegetable minestrone.

For dessert we had a creme caramel with an orange lace crisp.

I was really impressed with the dessert-I generally don’t like creme caramel, but this one was really tasty.  It wasn’t too sweet and there was just a hint of orange in the sauce and sugar crisp.

I really like this restaurant and look forward to another meal there.



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  1. Thanks Ashley for a great lunch date! I was so full, the meal lasted me through my entire shift! I look forward to going again!

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