Cream Puffs and Hot Pot

It’s been a busy week for me running around Hong Kong, eating lots of yummy food.  I have a bunch of food photos that I’ll need to catch up on.

A few days ago I went for cream puffs at a chain here called Beard Pappa’s.  They make these ENORMOUS cream puffs in a variety of flavours, including yogurt, strawberry, coffee, tiramisu, and green tea.  Look at this yogurt one that my friend got:

I got a strawberry cream puff, but that pic is on her camera.  I’ll post that some other time.

Later that night we went for hot pot.  We went after 9:00 so we could get the half price deal: it was so delicious!  We ordered beef, tofu, veggies, and an assortment of fish balls with a mushroom veggie broth.  So much fun!

Not too shabby for a day of eating!



Posted on May 14, 2011, in Eating Out, Travelling. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I love Beard Papa’s. Maybe you can open one in Winnipeg? There are a few in BC. You can have them here when you visit 🙂

  2. I love Beard Papa’s! First time I had it was in Hong Kong, then I found it again in New York. Gosh their cream puffs are so good!

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