NOLA, Day 3, Part 2

After a nice nap, we headed out to a restaurant called Domenica, also owned by Chef John Besh.  It’s an Italian restaurant, and we went during the happy hour for half price drinks and half price pizzas (so many great happy hour deals in NOLA, it’s great!)

M got a passion fruit bellini and I got a strawberry bellini.  We also started the meal with some bread.

We each got a pizza, M getting a spicy lamb meatball pizza, with ricotta, mint, and tomatoes, and I got a “Bolzano” pizza, which had roast pork shoulder, fennel, apples, and bacon.

Sorry about the photos of the pizza, clearly lost patience and was waiting to dig in.  I need to work on that.  To top of the meal, I ordered gelato affogato for dessert (I had actually checked out the dessert on the menu first and already knew that I wanted this): vanilla gelato with a shot of espresso.  It was DELICIOUS.  I had actually been craving this since I watched the episode of The Big Bang Theory when the girls have ice cream with coffee liquor…not quite the same, but I was satisfied.

A delicious meal at a great price, and we left very happy.  We also left with some leftovers, the pizzas were big-we could have split one!  What a great day of eating!



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