MANGOES! (very expensive ones…)

Alright, so in my last post, I said that my sister and I went on a mango adventure, and that it deserves its own post.  And indeed it does.

When I got to my sister’s place, she told me about Alphonso mangoes.  She had been browsing food forums and apparently these mangoes are said to be the sweetest and best mangoes of the different varieties.  They are only in season for a short while, and this year apparently the weather wasn’t that great either.  She wanted to buy a case of them (you can only get them by the case) and she was afraid they’d spoil before she could eat them all, and she figured I’d be willing to splurge on them.  Of course I didn’t even think twice and agreed right away-and then I had the sense to ask what the price was.  Cost of a case of 12 mangoes, which are imported from India: $26.  They BETTER taste good at that price!

The mangoes are available from this independent Indian grocery store in Little India, so we made the 45 minute trip there and the 45 minute trip back for our precious case of mangoes.  They aren’t ripe yet, although a couple of them looked close when we bought them.

I did have one the next day, but honestly, it was good, but not THAT good.  Maybe my taste buds aren’t refined enough?  My other theory is that it wasn’t ripe enough yet.  Who knows.  I have 5 left that are ripening so maybe in a couple more days they will be better.  I’ll keep you posted.


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