Asian Eating Adventures

The eating continued on the weekend.  My sister had made reservations for dim sum at Lai Toh Heen, a more upscale Chinese Restaurant.  You know, cause we can be fancy like that (actually, it’s cause we’ve been to the sister restaurant downtown and really liked it, and there was a Groupon available and neither of us can resist a good food deal.  I just like to pretend to be fancy…)

My sister was prepared for this meal.  She already knew which dishes she wanted to try.  I was just happy to be out of school and eating good food, so as long as there wasn’t any durian on the list, I was happy.

This one is a deep-fried lobster and mango roll:

This is a baked pasty filled with ham, shrimp, and pork:

This is what we got for dessert, sweetened purple rice with fruit and coconut milk:

I have to say, I enjoyed the meal, but some of the dim sum may be a bit fancy for me.  For the most part, I prefer your standard dim sum fare.  Not that any of the food tasted bad, it was all very well done, nothing was too greasy or bland, but for me, dim sum will always be the standard rice rolls, shrimp dumplings, spring rolls.  I don’t need anything too fancy, but this was still a fun thing to do.  I did love dessert though, it was my favourite dish out of the ones we tried.

So that was lunch.  But the REAL epic meal of the day was dinner.  I kept hearing about a new restaurant called Guu.  For those who have been out to Vancouver, you may be familiar with this restaurant.  It’s a Japanese restaurant, and I’ve been to one of them out west, and it really is deserving of all the fuss.  Guu opened up two locations in Toronto, one on Church and one on Bloor.   The full name is Guu Izakaya, izakaya being the term for a drinking establishment that also serves food to accompany drinks-kind of like tapas.

I went to the Church location with my friend Neelu.  We got there right at 6:00 and there was a massive line up-I had been warned, but still, the line up was impressive.  We put our names down for a table and took a walk: we were told the wait was an hour.  The wait was worth it!

We sat at the bar where they cook the food.  The atmosphere is really upbeat and friendly: the waiters all yell greetings when you walk in and out of the restaurant.  The cooks also yell out when the food is ready and yell the name of the dish (I only know this because Neelu knows a bit of Japanese, all I understood was “thank you.”)

I wish I had brought my camera, all the food was so delicious and well presented!  We ordered a LOT of food: 9 dishes and drinks.  And we ate practically all of it!  Let me see if I can remember what we got (thank goodness for online menus!):

-I got a drink called the Bamboo and it was melon liquor, white wine, lychee juice, and soda.  I don’t drink very often, but this one was tasty.

-Neelu got a drink called the Cherry Blossom, which was peach liquor, red wine, 7-up, and Cassis liquor.  I would drink this one too!

-sashimi salad

-takoyaki: deep fried octopus balls

-karaage: deep fried soysauce marinated chicken

-grilled mackerel with garlic chips and onion

-yakudon: pan fried udon noodles with beef and vegies

-some sort of Japanese pancake made of cabbage, meat, noodles, and a fried egg on top

-gyu carpaccio: lightly seared beef sashimi with wasabi mayo

-puffed rice and brown sugar cheesecake

-fried bananas with coconut ice cream drizzled with chocolate and mango sauce

I can honestly say ALL of it was very good (though the size of the chessecake slice was a bit puny for $4.00).  Neelu and I had a fabulous time picking random things on the menu, and staff was friendly.  The restaurant has a 2 hour seating policy, and when we left (an hour and a half later) there was still a massive lineup outside.

All in all, I had a fabulous day of eating.  That night I proceeded to pack for my trip with the sis to NEW ORLEANS!!! More on that next post…



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  1. i’m surprised that you only ‘practically all of it’. why not ALL of it. im sure your stomach can hold it all. were you being shy and not filling up? =P im joking….
    that place sounds good. i must try it sometime

  2. Oh yeah, that. We probably could have, but at that point we had so many savoury dishes, we were craving dessert!!! Don’t worry, we didn’t leave very much of that pancake!

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