The Eating Begins…

ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR DONE.  I was definitely losing it near the end; paper writing is just not my thing.  Especially not ones that are 25 pages long.

So, as promised, I have a new post.  I got into my sister’s place in Toronto the same night I finished my last exam (the 21st) and she fed me eggplant pasta.  I was too hungry to snap a photo, but it was delicious, so I thought I’d mention it.

The next day we got up and we went for pho at one of my favourite Viet restaurants in Chinatown called Anh Dao.  Here’s a pic:

Afterwards, we proceeded to shop for groceries for dinner-while I munched on egg tarts and a pineapple bun, sipping on Hong Kong style tea.  I get a kick out of going to the Chinese bakeries cause they are so ridiculously cheap.  Total cost for 3 small egg tarts, one pineapple bun and my large tea was only $2.90.

We then dropped off some groceries at home and proceeded on a mango adventure, but that deserves its own post, so I’ll write about that one next.

Dinner: we had already determined we were going to bake some yams, have some sort of vegetable, and make STEAKS.

I have to tell you about the steaks, because shopping for them made my day.  We went to Longo’s to grab our groceries.  After picking up the yams and some kale, we went to the meat counter.  We were debating which cut of steak to buy; usually I get rib eyes.  The usual rib eye was $13 a pound.  There was an aged rib eye, but there was no price for that one, so the butcher told us: it was double.  My sister and I laughed and we told him we wanted to splurge on dinner but didn’t want to splurge that much.  The butcher grabbed one of the aged rib eyes and told us he’d sell us one at the other rib eye price and we could consider it a sample!  We got the 28 day aged rib eye at half off!!! He was so nice!  Totally made my day.   Here’s a pic:

We didn’t do anything too fancy with them-pan fried it in some oil and steak spice, cooked to medium rare.  It tasted fabulous though-really tender and flavourful.

We also baked some kale-just drizzle a bit of olive oil and add some salt and pepper.

To top off the meal, I also baked cookies, and the recipe can be found here.

My friend Mark was also in town to visit and hang out with us, so after dinner, we all went wall climbing, which was very fun, but I’m not good at it-I don’t mind heights, but I have a fear of falling from them, so it makes for an interesting climb.

After the climb, we were hungry, so we popped into a restaurant in Chinatown and grabbed some food: congee, wonton noodles, BBQ pork and rice, and a dim sum dish which consists of rice noodle wrapped around fried dough.

All in all, it was a really fun day to spend my first day off from school!


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  1. i LOVE hk style milk teas… i got karina into them too!
    i wish we had more shops that sold fresh buns too! its actually one thing that i really miss and crave for in hk. hot and fresh buns everywhere!

    That butcher you got is awesome! so nice.

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