Blog Break

Hello to those who still actually visit my blog!!! I know it’s been defunct for the last while, but school completely and utterly took over my life, I don’t know how it happened! (Actually, I do, but we won’t go there or this will become a rant.)

HOWEVER,  I finish school on the 21st of April, and the food adventures will resume, as will the blog posts, I PROMISE!!!  Here is what you have to look forward to:

-Old posts that I never got around to putting up-possibly Christmas related and random other food photos I have in the files

-Toronto-related food adventures: dim sum, pho, ice cream, and whatever else I feel like snacking on

-New Orleans!!!  The eating schedule has already been made, thanks to my awesome sister.  And when I say schedule, I do mean schedule: she sent me a spreadsheet and it looks very promising!  Oysters, po’boys, pizza…

-and finally….drum roll please…..HONG KONG AND CHINA!!!!  I am hitting up my food paradise for over a MONTH!!! This means there will be some epic eating (my list of food haunts is over a page long) and lots of food photos (last time I went over 50% of my photos were food related).  Can you tell I’m excited?

And that is all for now folks, but stay tuned, this blog is going to explode with posts and updates in the next few months, and it will all start as soon as my exams end next week.

Until then, happy eating!



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  1. please do take and post lots of pics!!! esp. from hk
    i can’t wait to see them!

  2. I will I promise!!! I wish you could join me Fred, next time you’ll have to come too 😀

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