Phoenix Eating Adventures

I’m so lucky that I get to do a fair amount of travelling.  Of course, when I travel, I like to try the local cuisine.  I, along with my travel buddy Pat, recently visited Laura and Adam in Phoenix.  It was nice to escape the cold and be in a place that had no snow.  We did some hiking in the Grand Canyon (all the way down and all the way up!!! 14 hours total!), hiking in Sedona, and some shopping (where I was tempted to buy out the entire Banana Republic store).  And eating-always eating lots!

We ate at a fabulous Mexican restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory (Big Bang Theory Fan here), and a couple fun frozen yogurt places, Yogurberry and Mojo Yogurt.  For the uninitiated, there are a bunch of different flavours of yogurt that you can mix and match and then add a variety of toppings, including candies, granola, dried fruit, and different syrups.  Then you are charged by weight.  It was very yummy and fun!

We also hit up something called Food Truck Fridays.  The idea originated in LA (I would go to LA just to attend this).  Various food trucks gather downtown at lunch, and you can pick and choose what you like from the offerings.  There were taco trucks, sandwich trucks, fish and chips, hot dogs, and even a crème brûlée truck!!!  I had a grilled cheese sandwich with pasta salad and lemonade; it was so fun to wander and look at all the food choices.

After lunch, Laura took us to The Ranch Market.  For those who are familiar with the T & T chain, it’s a similar concept, but for Mexican food!!!  I have never had so much fun at a grocery store before, my head was spinning from all the neat stuff available.  I was introduced to a drink called horchata, which tastes like milk that had Cinnamon Toast Crunch soaking in it-it was really good.  I think I’ll attempt to make some later on.   But by far the most fun thing we found at the market were cactus leaves.  It was the perfect ingredient to experiment with.

What did we end up making?  Breakfast burritos!!!  Check out my next post for some of the fun things we ended up cooking over a weekend.



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  1. finally =P
    the food truck thing sounds awesome! definitely sounds like a good time with a variety of food to choose from

  2. Don’t worry Fred, I got more posts coming REALLY soon. I promise!

  3. us that cactus??

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