A weekend full of family, friends, food, and FUN-an overview

I had an AMAZING weekend (several weeks ago) that was jam-packed with my favourite things: all the stuff in the title.

Friday night:  Vietnamese dinner at my fav Vietnamese restaurant with my family, where I had beef sate pho.  Then we watched Inception.  NOW MY FAVOURITE MOVIE.  Mind-blowing plot with some crazy action sequences, not to mention great quips and characters.  And the cast was solid.  But I digress-this is a food blog, not a movie blog.

Saturday: Photo walk in the morning (nothing exciting there), dim sum with friends in the afternoon (we ate a LOT), followed by a walk to the local Chinese grocery to buy random Asian snacks (such as instant milk tea mix, marble pop, and other goodies).

Saturday evening:  Meet up with Jan, Gretchen, and CK for dinner, which Gretchen graciously made.  Menu: Watermelon salad and pork loin chop with mushroom sauce.  Dessert was provided by Jan: Panna cotta with blueberry coulis.  I sneaked in an extra course of raspberry trifle in a waffle bowl because I was starving and ate that before dinner was ready.

Saturday night: Watched 500 Days of Summer.  Another movie that I now love-plus it has an awesome soundtrack.  Really, it does.

Sunday morning: Breakfast with Gretchen-cinnamon egg-less pancakes and bacon.  Background music: 500 Days of Summer soundtrack.

Sunday evening: BBQ for my niece’s birthday, where there was TONS of food including a homemade strawberry cake with strawberry icing and candy lollipops!  It was a beautiful cake.

I’m going to break this weekend up into a couple separate posts because there are several recipes that I want to write up.  All in all, one of the best weekends of the summer!



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