Farewell Risa!

One of my good friends got into fashion school in Amsterdam and will be leaving soon, so we had a celebratory dinner for her at one of her favourite restaurants, Bistro 7 1/4.  Some of our party didn’t show up right away, so Debbe, Risa and I ordered a cheese plate as an appetizer.  I cannot remember what all the cheeses were, but they were YUMMY!!!  (Oh yeah, and the late ones made up for it by giving me bison sausages at a later date, watch for that post once I cook ’em!)

Here’s a pic of the cheese plate:

We also ordered sliders:

I can’t remember if they were pork or beef, all I remember is gobbling it up real fast.

And here’s the bread platter:

It came with butter and this tomato spread and some salt.  For my actual dinner I had mussels and fries, but I failed to take a pic of that.

All in all, it was good eating and good times with friends.  Congrats again Risa, we’ll miss you!



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  1. They were veal and foi gras sliders.

  2. This is also my favourite restaurant. I was planning on going there for lunch, but I changed my mind. I wish I hadn’t because I was going to get that veal and foie gras sliders which btw look really good!

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