Exams and Junk Food

During the stressful time of exams, I crave junk food (as do most people, I am sure).  So, last week, my friends and I went for a burger and fries run and I ate this massive poutine and had a milkshake…it was yummy.  My friends called it “the trough of poutine.”

This picture was taken after I dug into it already, I couldn’t wait to eat it.

Also blog-worthy: Christine brought cupcakes to our study group today!!! I’d post a picture, but we didn’t have a camera, and the cupcakes didn’t stand a chance anyway.  I was in the midst of a panic attack, but the cupcakes made me feel better 😀


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  1. Yum! Poutine! That looks like it was HUGE! When you come back to the city, we should go to Lovey’s BBQ, I heard they have amazing poutine with pulled pork! And cheap too!

  2. that poutine looks delicious!! now i crave a poutine =S

  3. EM's OTHER sister

    that is a maaad bucket of poutine . you should bring some home for me (:

  4. NOPE… just had a huge poutine last night at johnny g’s

  5. I just found out about you on Food Blog Forums and really excited to be here, seems like we both have been reading blogs for years and just getting started. Look forward to reading your progress.

  6. Hi EM

    Love your posts! The food looks so good! Can’t wait to taste your creations when I get a chance. Good luck on your exams.

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