Sunday Roast

After a fun but tiring weekend of dance workshops, I needed to make sure I had something for lunch for the rest of the week.  I like cooking batches of food to save me the trouble of cooking everyday.  So I decided to break out the slow cooker again to make something easy- BBQ Pulled Pork for sandwiches.  I have made this before and had several people try it (including my guinea pig, Andria) who all agreed it was a keeper.  Here it is:


  • 1 can condensed beef broth
  • pork roast (any size, you can just eye this-I had a 1.2 kg roast or something like that).  You can use a cheaper cut of meat as the slow cooker will make this very tender, so don’t waste your money on something expensive
  • salt and pepper
  • BBQ sauce of your liking: I used a hickory smoke BBQ sauce

Rub some salt and pepper all over the roast.  You could probably skip the salt b/c the beef broth will have plenty of sodium.  Place roast in slow cooker.  Pour broth over it.  I added half a can of water as well.  You want to make sure there is enough liquid: my guide is that the liquid should be enough to rise half way up the roast.

Now here is the thing:  I have read that if the temperature is too low then the meat doesn’t cook properly and you can get food poisoning.  I am not a fan of bacteria, and I’m sure if I just Googled this, I could find a chart on what the temp should be on the slow cooker to avoid this.  But this is how I made sure my meat was cooked properly.  I started the roast off on high for 3 hours, then I turned the slow cooker to low for 10 hours.  When I woke up I had a perfectly cooked and tender roast.

Next, I take the roast out and drain the broth.  Alternatively, you could keep it and turn it into gravy for potatoes.  Then, take two forks and shred the roast.  Add some of your favourite BBQ sauce to the shredded meat.  There is no right amount, just add to your taste.  I would estimate that I added somewhere between 1 1/2 cups to 2 cups of sauce.  Mix well.

And that’s it, you have BBQ pulled pork for sandwiches!


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  1. Sounds delicious! What kind of BBQ sauce did you use? Do you make your own?

  2. I wish I could make my own. I just used a smoky BBQ sauce from the store.

  3. Seriously, I gotta invest in a slow cooker.

  4. Great idea. I love slow cooker recipes.

  5. My mom does a similar method with boneless turkey breast and essentially makes pulled turkey–it always comes out so delicious!

    As for the temperature–why not use a meat thermometer to keep an eye on things? You can set the temperature to the right temp (Alton Brown is a fabulous resource for this, as he factors in carryover heat) and it will beep when the meat hits that point.

    • Pulled turkey sounds delicious! I unfortunately do not own a meat thermometer right now, but I am thinking of getting one eventually! The other reason why I wouldn’t care to use one for this recipe is the idea is to set it so I don’t have to worry about it. Thanks for the tip though!

  6. Mmmm, this was so good the last time you made it!

  7. Today, apprentice became master!! LOL

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