Simple Lunch

I had a lot of fun catching up with one of my friends back home today over the phone.  I was telling her about all my plans to cook and bake new dishes, and we made plans to cook together when I go home for a visit.  She has a wonderful kitchen with lots of fun tools and gadgets-except she doesn’t use half of them, because she doesn’t really cook.  I suspect she doesn’t know what half of her gadgets do.  I keep telling her one day I’ll just go shop in her kitchen and take what I need-she told me she wouldn’t even notice if stuff went missing.  Haha.  So, this post is for her, because she wanted something easy to make and requested that I send her something.

This is a simple bagel-wich and salad that I had for lunch.  My friend made it for me when I went to Montreal for a wedding; he’s an excellent host and  cook.


  • romaine lettuce
  • assorted berries
  • salad dressing of your choice

Mix all ingredients and you’ve got a tasty and healthy salad!



  • bagel, toasted
  • sliced tomato
  • lettuce
  • butter or mayo
  • smoked salmon

Assemble all ingredients as you would a sandwich!  Super easy!


It was a very tasty meal!



A fancy lunch in New York City!

Hello to anyone who still reads this!

I GRADUATED!  This means more time for fun things, including blogging!  I have tons of old food pics that I would love to post, but let’s start with something that happened recently.

As soon as I finished my bar exams, I took off to NYC with a few friends.  It was my first time in the city, and I fell in love with it.  There are so many things to do, and so many things to see.  I cannot wait to go back.  Highlights included Broadway shows, meeting Jim Parsons (my heart almost exploded with happiness,) and lunch at a restaurant called Jean Georges.

Jean Georges is a Michelin Star restaurant (3 stars,) and it’s located in the Trump Tower at Lincoln Square.  My sister recommended the place to me, and it was undoubtedly the best lunch (and most expensive) I’ve ever had.

First off, make a reservation if you intend to eat here.  I almost couldn’t get one, but you can  make a reservation online through their website.  There is a prix fixe menu for lunch, and you get two courses for $49, and this includes an appetizer platter and dessert.   I splurged and ordered a dessert off the menu and a cocktail.  It was well worth it, and I have never felt more spoiled.  The service is superb; I just had to look up and a waiter would be right at my table.  It is a fancier restaurant, so the dress code is business casual for lunch.  It’s also a good place to go to by yourself; I quite enjoyed reading my magazine while dining.  The only downside to eating alone is you can’t order more food to share!  I seriously contemplated doing the 6-course tasting menu ($128), but I think I’ll do that next time, and I’ll make sure to skip breakfast when I attempt that one.

My raspberry-lychee sparkling wine cocktail.  So delicious!

Appetizers: some sort of sashimi, housemade mozza with strawberry, and watercress sorbet.

First course: tuna ribbon salad with avocado and a spicy ginger dressing.

Roast suckling pig with a pea puree and an onion and bacon marmalade.  This was so tender and tasty!

Dessert platter: balsamic meringue and vanilla sponge cake, roasted strawberries, strawberry sorbet on an almond crumble, and cream.

More dessert: homemade marshmallows, strawberry coconut macaroons, and chocolates!

I cannot wait to return to NYC and eat another fancy meal here!


Blog Break

Hello, everyone!

I’ve dropped the ball on blogging, and with the end of the school year approaching, I have decided to take a break from blogging.  Fear not, for this is my FINAL YEAR in school, and I hope to have more time to improve my blogging skills in the near future.  I have high hopes for the summer and have every intention of trying to write more often.

I have been trying new recipes, so it’s not a lack of ideas, simply a lack of time.  Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on the backlog in a couple of months.  In the meantime, I hope everyone is having fun cooking and eating!

See you in a few months,


Viet and Sushi in HK

I’m clearly behind on posting, so I’m going to try to play catch up.

On New Year’s Day, I went out for lunch with my Aunt Susanna, Uncle Robert, and my cousin Vincent.  We went for Vietnamese food.  After that, I went shopping with Vincent in Mong Kok.  We had a bunch of street food (separate post coming) and then I met up with Alfred and Lucy for sushi at Itamae sushi!  It was a fun day.  Here are a few of the photos that I took.

Vermicelli with grilled beef.

Salad rolls.

Not exactly sure what was in this, but I think it was scallop and salmon and fish roe.

This was a whole fish!  I think it was mackerel.

Fatty tuna, my favourite.  It’s also very expensive: it was probably because of these three pieces that my total bill ended up being forty bucks, CAD.  It was worth it though!


Thai Food in Sai Kung

This past weekend in Hong Kong was a blast.  I did a lot of damage on the shopping front AND I got to go to one of my favourite restaurants.  Janice and I went to Sai Kung for some Thai food at a restaurant called Sawaddee Thailand.  BEST THAI FOOD I’VE EVER HAD (I have yet to make it to Thailand).  I’ve been to this restaurant several times now; I’ve been able to visit it each time I’ve come to HK.  My favourite dish here is the pork neck.  After we ate dinner, we wandered around the shops for a bit (I bought a new hat, thank you for asking,) and then we went to Sweetheart Desserts for some fried ice cream!

Thai-style veggies.

Thai papaya salad.


Raw shrimp.

Thai spring rolls.

Pork neck-this is my favourite dish here.  The beef skewers are a close second (not pictured in this post).

Fried ice cream.  This was really well done, it was crispy on the outside and not greasy at all.  Vanilla ice cream on the inside.

I really enjoyed spending Saturday with Janice!  Thanks, girl!


New Year, New Adventures!

It’s been a crazy holiday (in a very good way) and I’m so backed up with photo editing, it’s not even funny.  But I had an excellent Christmas break, jam-packed with food activities, and now it’s a new year!

I’m starting off the new year in the best way possible: I’m spending almost the entire month of January in my favourite city: HONG KONG! I’m doing an internship, and it’s going great!  I’m really enjoying it, and I’m also taking the opportunity to eat all my favourite foods here!

Here are some things that I ate on my first full day in HK:

Dim sum!

More dim sum!

Strawberry desserts for tea time!

And this is just the beginning of my food adventures!  Keep checking back for updates!  I carry my camera on me at all times, and the vast majority of my photos are food-related!


Breakfast at Auntie Jane’s

Auntie Jane is such a wonderful person.  She’s Gretchen’s aunt, and she is great fun to be around.  I first started hanging out with her in the summer, and last week she invited Gretchen, Jan, and me over for breakfast!  I was so excited!  It’s always a blast when we get together because we’re a bunch of foodies and get excited over things like cookware (I just bought a set of Paderno pots and pans.)

Auntie Jane made crepes and a mushroom, onion, and spinach puff pastry tart.  Her secret to crepes is using half and half cream (I’ll have to ask her for her recipe next time.)  She stuffed the crepes with a filling that was made with peach jam, vanilla yogurt, whipping cream, and cream cheese.

Thanks, Auntie Jane!


Pho Party

This pho party has been a couple of months in the making.  It started on Facebook when I mentioned I wanted to make pho and needed a good recipe.  Thanh gave me his, and after some discussion about pho on his wall, party planning started.  I *think* it was Jodie who suggested that he cook for us, and the plans sprung into being.

Jodie and I arrived at Thanh’s at the same time last night, and we were both really excited to eat.  The pho was amazing-I really need to keep practicing to improve mine!  After two bowls of pho, we had creme caramel for dessert!


Garnishes: Thai basil, lime, chili peppers, hot sauce, and hoisin sauce.

Creme caramel for dessert!

Thanh’s recipe for pho can be found here.  He used this recipe for the creme caramel.

Thanks for a great dinner, Thanh!  It was a lot of fun!


Breakfast with Jan #1

Being back home is great.  In between all the mad writing, I’ve been eating.  My mom made TONS of food (she’s cooking as I write this) and I managed to snap some pics of her food.  Unfortunately, I never did get to the chestnut cake before my sister dug into it, so I’ll have to get a pic of that next time she makes it.

This morning I went to Jan’s house for breakfast.  I missed our breakfast dates so much!  Today’s menu included scones with whipped cream and jam, baked apple oatmeal, and cafe au lait.  We had a good time catching up, and planning our next breakfast date.

Cafe au lait.

Baked apple oatmeal.

Scones, all ready to be put in the oven.

Light, crisp scones!

Thanks for the wonderful breakfast, Jan!  You never fail to impress me!


Let the Holidays BEGIN!

Hello!  It’s bright and early (too early, even for me,) and I’m waiting to board a plane to get home.  I wish I could say I am on  full-blown vacation mode, but I still have a few papers to write.  BUT I will be doing this at home, and my mom will keep me well-fed.  Besides, I figure even if I don’t churn out quality writing, I’ll just ride the curve and get through the semester that way.  🙂

Well, I’m excited to say that I have big plans for the holidays, and well into the new year.  I’m sure I’ll be backlogged with posting, but I will definitely make an effort to make sure to get stuff on here.  I am spending the holidays at home and then I will be spending a MONTH in my favourite city: Hong Kong.  I will be doing a legal internship with a barrister, and I fully intend to eat at all my favourite restaurants while I am there.  Alright, I’m not going to lie.  I set up the internship so I could go to Hong Kong to eat and shop.  The other option was to take a three-week course in mortgages.  No, thank you.

The fun starts right away: my mom has already started her holiday baking, and I have breakfast with Jan tomorrow, and a pho party in the evening with Thanh and Jodie.  The annual Christmas Foodganza and Sleepover commences on the weekend, and there will be plenty baking and cooking with friends and family.  I have a few things I would like to try to make in the next couple of weeks, and this includes:

  • French onion soup
  • gingerbread squares
  • cast-iron skillet mac & cheese

To start things off, here’s an easy recipe for chicken.  I tossed it together the other night, and it’s delicious

Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken

  • chicken thighs
  • garlic (to your own taste, I use about 3 cloves per thigh, but I love garlic): finely diced
  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil

Marinade the chicken thighs with just enough sesame oil to coat them, some soy sauce, and a liberal amount of garlic for at least an hour in the fridge.  When you are ready to bake, preheat the oven to 375 F.  Bake until cooked through, about 35-45 minutes.

I love this recipe because it’s so easy and I love garlic.  When you bake the chicken, take the garlic from the marinade and put it on top side of the chicken when baking-it gets very crispy and  tastes fantastic!

Happy studying and writing!